The RSPO Awareness course material presented here, is designed to help you understand more about palm oil and help you prepare for your RSPO Supply Chain Certification audit. The course has been designed by the BM TRADA training department, a certification company based in the UK with branches in many countries.

Your tutor, Colin, has undergone a process of training himself and is qualified to present this material to you.

Hi, I’m Colin.

I spend most of my time auditing companies to check compliance to various standards. This includes RSPO. I am qualified as a tutor, giving RSPO awareness training. It is with great pleasure that I now do so, via the teachable platform.

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Palm Oil

What is Palm Oil?

Learn about Palm Oil:

What does it look like?

Where is it from?

What do we use it for?

Why is it so popular?

What is the problem?

Learn about the problems:

What is the impact on the environment?

What about the animals?

What are the social implications?

What is the solution?

Who is RSPO?

Learn about RSPO:

Why do they do what they do?

What has this got to do with you?

How do the rules apply to your company?

How do you prepare for certification?